Entries and Membership

DDRC Schedule 2024 – June – Sept 2024 Show

Annual Membership (covers all events in one year)

If you become a member, you are entered into the end of year championships and possibly therefore win some nice trophies. The cost of entering classes is also reduced, from £11 to £8. Its one membership per rider even if they have 2 or more horses. However if you have two children for instance each one will need a membership and so the form will need to be entered twice. The membership number is NOT transferable

Once you have paid, you will receive an email with your membership number. Please use this number when booking classes to obtain the discount at https://horsemonkey.com/

The email can take up to 24 hours to arrive.

Name of person/Business on Paypal account*
Riders Name:*
Phone number*

Privacy agreement and payment

If you decide to join, DDRC will hold your details as this is needed to operate the event. DDRC do not send your details to any other organisation apart from PayPal to take the payment from you.

Once you have received your membership number then you can head over to Horse Monkey, create an account, enter the horses and riders, and then start to enter the classes. The membership discount will be applied in the final basket