Under the new General Data Protection Regulation rules coming into force in May 2018, we thought we should let you know what data we hold and what we don’t hold.

Website Browsing

We do not collect any personal information from people just visiting public areas of our site, except if you choose to apply to enter one of our classes using the Booking Form. All we do is gather some basic anonymous information, for example how many people view each page, so that we can make sure we’re doing a good job and to make improvements to our website.

Booking Classes

When you come to book a class, whether using the online system via our web page or on the day, we do record certain data such as name and address, horses name etc so that we can enter you into the requested classes. We only ask for this information so that we can book you into the correct classes and have your contact details to sort out any issues that may arise.

We do ask (but its not compulsory) how you heard about the event. This is so that we can understand if we are getting value for money on our marketing activities.

Your contact details are only used by us when we need to contact you about any issues or winning of trophies etc.


We send out about 5 newsletters per year to inform people of what is happening to and at each event regarding changes and new classes etc. The newsletter has an “opt out” link at the end so if you change your mind and don’t want to receive newsletters in the future, the process is very easy; just click on the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Who is your data shared with?

We do send the name of of the competitor and horse name to the events in our qualifiers, but no contact details etc. Apart from that we don’t share any data, never have and don’t see any benefit to you or DDRC

How is your data stored?

We use a cloud-based service called Dropbox who have made announcements that they will comply with the GDPR by encrypting the data on their servers.

When you enter a class, our web site emails 4 people with the information from the Booking Form. One is the Membership Secretary so she can record who has paid the annual membership fee, another in the Entries Secretary who allocates competitor numbers and enters you into the classes. The last two are people who can solve IT issues and general maintenance issues (who are both committee members) should they arise.

The entrants name and horse name are also stored in Google sheets so we can record your points in the classes. However Google sheets does not contain any contact information or anything not directly needed for that class.

Who is responsible for ensuring DDRC complies with the requirements?

At the time of writing, Tony Field (who is a committee member) is working to ensure that DDRC complies with the requirements. If you need to get hold of Tony, then use the normal DDRC email: or send us a private message on the DDRC Facebook page.

How can you get your data corrected?

If we have the wrong contact details for you then we won’t be able to sort out any booking issues nor let you know if you have won any prizes etc. Please keep us up-to-date with any changes you would like made. You can do this either at the show on the day, by email or send us a private message on the DDRC Facebook page.

How can you get your data removed?

If you want to enter a class then we need to have the information stored in order to ensure that you are eligible to enter any particular class. Since we don’t allow anonymous entries, if you are not happy for us to have and store this information, then we are sorry but we can’t accept you. You can “not tick” the box on the website Booking Form, which will mean we only store your name and horse name etc, but won’t keep your contact details. However if there is a problem with the booking we will not be able to sort this out before the show.

For previous events in one year, we can remove your data from these but you will not be eligible for the end of year awards which need multiple attendances in order to acquire the points to win a class. However we can remove your data if you want, just email or let us know on the day by visiting the site office.

For previous years, we keep 2 years of data with people names etc, but prior to that we only keep total numbers entering the classes. So data older than 3 years will not have any names etc.

If anything is unclear or you need further clarification about any of the above, then please contact us.

April 2018