STARS Champion of Champion Qualifier Rules

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Qualification will be taken from points accrued over the season which give rise to your champion, Reserve or 2nd Reserve for each relevant section across your year’s competition. The first option of representing your club MUST be offered to your Champion of each section. Should they be unable to attend you may offer the place to the Reserve: followed by the 2nd Reserve. Only these exhibitors/animals are eligible for qualification. It will be a condition of Affiliation that you keep a running points totals sheet for each animal/section. This must be brought to STARS by a club representative or submitted to STARS in case of any complaints.

Any exhibit may compete in more than one section at the Championships providing they meet the criteria above for each section.

Riders and handlers must be current members of the Club/Clubs they represent. You can represent more than one club.

Southern shows must hold a minimum of 3 shows from which points will be accrued.

No change of combination of horse/pony/rider/handler is permitted from that which qualified through their Club. Should any horse/pony be sold before this competition takes place the qualification will be offered to the next eligible exhibit. (Res/2nd Res)

No horse /pony/rider can compete at STARS if they have qualified HOYS in the current year.

No horse/pony that has been placed in the top 5 at the RIHS in the current year can compete at STARS. Riders can compete on another horse/pony.

No professional producers can compete, or any horse or pony that is in production on a professional showing yard.

(The definition of a professional producer is as follows:  The horse/pony is kept at the producer’s yard and has FULL SHOW PRODUCTION, which includes: horse/pony is prepared for the show (bathed, plaited etc) Horse/pony also taken to show. Horse/pony worked in for owner or gives tuition to owner/rider in preparation for the ring, Horse/pony prepared for the ring, Horse/pony is stripped/assistance whilst in the ring)

PLEASE NOTE: Riding Lessons and clinics with professionals along with full livery on a professional yard is ALLOWED. Having help from other people at home and at the shows is allowed, we are only stopping horses that are in FULL professional production, every other situation is allowed.

  • Social media rules: You must not post or transmit any material which could damage the name or reputation of STARS or its competitors/ organisers. Any person found guilty of this would constitute a breach of STARS rules and could result in the person being banned from STARS and could also result in civil/criminal proceedings being brought against you.
    • Any stallions must be ridden/handled by a competent person with a minimum age of 14 years.
    • Ages of horse/pony will be 1st of January in the current year.
    • Judging /scoring of classes at Championships;

Ridden / In-hand SHOW classes; 50% Type and Conformation: 50% Ride or Show, Manners and Way of Going

Best Turned Out: 30% Cleanliness, condition and correctness of tack: 30% Cleanliness and preparation of pony: 30% Cleanliness, neatness of rider (and handler if on LR) 10% overall impression.

Young Handler: 50% Ability of the handler: 25% Suitability of age/height of pony and handler: 25%Overall impression.

Equitation: 50% Rider’s use of seat and aids, 25% Riders’ position: 25% Suitability of partnership and overall impression

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